Author Guidelines

Writing of Al-Daulah Journal articles must using Microsoft Word. Consists of a title, abstract, introduction, research method (if any), discussion, conclusion, and bibliography. Writing articles in Al-DaulahJurnal Hukum dan Perundangan Islam following this systematics:

1. Title

The title of the article must concise, informative, avoid abbreviations, and describe content of the research. Maximum is 16 words. Font using Britannic Bold 14

2. Author's name (Humanst521 Lt Bt 14), affiliation and email address written in font (Humanst521 Lt Bt 9). Example:

                                                                            Bahder Johan Nasution

Universitas Jambi| JlLintas Jambi - Muara Bulian KM.15, Muara Bulian Kota Jambi|

3. Abstracts written in two languages, Indonesian and English (if the article is written in the official language of the United Nations it is enough to write it in that language). Abstract content consists of background, methods, results, and collections. The number of words cannot be more than 250 words and accompanied by keywords. Font using (Humanst521 Lt BT 10).

4. Keywords not more than 5 words or phrases in alphabetical order. Font using (Humanst521 Lt BT 10).

5. Preliminary. Describe the academic anxiety of the research undertaken, give an adequate background, and avoid detailed literature surveys or summaries of the results. Font Using (Palatino Linotype 10).

6. Results and Discussion. Results and discussion written in the same section. They must be presented continuously from the main results to supporting results and complemented by discussion. Font using (Palatino Linotype 10).

7. Conclusion

Closing consist of conclusions and suggestions. Conclusion has a summary description the of results and discussion, referring to the research aims. Suggestions are compiled based on the research findings that have been discussed. Fill in the closing using the same letters and paragraph styles as the rest of the section. Font using (Palatino Linotype 10).

8. Bibliography

The bibliography title written using the Palatino Linotype 12 font, while the contents of the bibliography use size 10. Bibliography is not divided by reference source. An example of writing a bibliography is as follows:

Kelsen, Hans. Pure Law Theory. Bandung: Rindi Press, 1995.

Paton, G.W. A Tex Book of Jurisprudence. London: Oxford at the Clarendom Press, 1955.

9. Footnote. Use the Humanst521 Lt BT size font 8. An example of writing a footnote is as follows:

Mukhlis TaibDinamika Perundang-Undangan Di Indonesia (Bandung: Refika Aditama, 2017), 22.

Abdurrohman Kasdi, "Exploring the Fiqh of Maliki School: Characteristics of Imam Maliki's Thought in          Combining Hadith and Fiqh," Jurnal Yudisia, Vol. 8, No. 2, December 2017, 322

10. Header and Footer

Especially for the first page, do not use a header. The first page footer consists of the name of the journal, volume, number, month and year of publication of the journal, ISSN and eISSN of the journal. The footer written entirely in capital letters and uses Albertus Extra Bold (W1) size 8.

For the next page, the header on the even page number consists of the names of the authors of the article separated by a comma and written in capital letters at the beginning of the word, font Humanst521 Lt BT, size 8 points, left align (align left). If the author is more than 2 people, then only write the name of the first author, followed by the word et al. The header on odd page numbers consists of a fragment the journal article title with a capital letter at the beginning of the word, written in the font Humanst521 Lt BT, size 8 points, right aligned.

The footer for all pages in the article except the first page has the same. Footer consists of writing the name of the journal, volume, number, month of publication and year of publication of the journal, written in the font Exotc350 DmBd BT, size 8 points. Example: al-Daulah Vol. 5. No. 2. October 2015. The footer written side by side with the page number, with the position of the page number on the left and the footer on the right. The page number starting with the number 1 is written in the font Exotc350 DmBd BT, size 16 points. On the first page the page numbers are not displayed. The format for all headers and footers in this template is straightforward to use.

11. Layout

Each article submitted must conform to the following specifications:

a. The number of pages for each article is between 5000 to 7000 words.

b. Articles written in Microsoft Word format and saved in RTF.

c. Paper size (16 cm x 23 cm)

d. The left margin is 3 cm, the top, right and bottom margins for the entire article page are 2.5 cm.

e. Header and Footer distance from the edge of the paper by 2.5 cm.

f. An example of writing an article can follow the following template: link template